Traditional UX



eBay Partner Network

We helped eBay's Partner Network extend its reach into two new markets. Initially performing a UX audit on their old site and presenting the UX design process to stakeholders and collaborators at a two-day workshop. We then defined the architecture of the site based on findings and research conducted at the workshop, developed wireframes for the site, and worked with visual design to ensure that nothing was lost in translation. 


Wealth-X was looking for a way to engage potential customer via it's website. First, we worked with them to create an overall strategy to help their customers connect with the brand and find the content they needed. Then we created highly detailed specs for the new site to guide their developers in site's implementation. 


Amazon was looking for a way extend their shopping experience to Instagram's platform. First, it was important to understand why users on Instagram would value interacting with a brand like Amazon. Then, came the challenge of building a bridge between two very different brand experiences. The solution was simple and powerful, focus only on the user's core goals and only show information that is relevant to the user at that time.


Electronic Arts

The data from EA's game analytics tool was starting to attract the attention of non-developers within the company. Eventually, everyone from marketing managers to technical directors were trying to use to a tool that was created with only game developers in mind. EA needed to redesign the analytics platform so everyone could make the most use of the data that it provided. 

This project was highly focused on gathering the right data about user goals and turning that data into functional design. In the end, we created a solution that was modular, personal, and highly customizable. A strategy that reflects the broad range of individuals interacting with the application.